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Leaving Github

As of late, I have been pondering my existence on Github, especially with Copilot being a thing. So I have decided to distance myself from them. I'll always need a Github account, that I am sure of, at least for the immediate future. So my plan is to remove everything that doesn't need to be on Github, from Github.

So what shall I do for my gitty things? I decided to go with Gitea as my home for future repositories. I already set it up on a VPS. It runs remarkably fast, I am assuming that is thanks to Go. But now I think, what if I forget to pay for my VPS, or it goes down, maybe I accidentally delete it. How am I going to make sure all my hard work stays safe?

In comes my Umbrel. Gitea can be installed on Umbrel. So, what I am doing is working off my VPS, and all the repositories on there are mirrored to the Gitea install on my Umbrel. This will give me the redundancy and the peace of mind I need.

Are you looking for a Github alternative? I would love to hear what your plan is, Feel free to shoot me an email and let me know. Maybe I'll talk about it on the Apple on Tech podcast.