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I am constantly toying with how much to self-host and what is overkill. Currently for Git I have a Gitea instance on a vps and then I have an instance running on my Umbrel. Then the repos are mirrored. I wonder if I need to be doing all the hosting on both ends. I subscribe to even though I don't use it. I just like supporting porjects that push the same ideals I do. So I am thinking maybe I will kill my VPS with the Gitea instance and use and have it mirror to my local Gitea on the Umbrel.

I guess I have to investigate if it will work first. If it does, I think that will be the way to go. Then the only thing I have on that VPS is Tiny RSS which I may just bring my feeds local and regularly backup the opml file. That is to be determined, but it would be one less server I'm paying for. I think I am going to do it, I will check to see if the mirroring works later today.